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Welcome to Grace Care!!

Grace Care is established under Grace Care 24/7 LTD; a registered company which undertakes to provide highest quality health care professionals and adaptation training student, varied work, including assignment in the NHS, Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes and multinational companies worldwide.

Grace care for your welfare; it values members and believes in a mutual respect and recognition familiarize yourself with the team of consultants at our office. If your do have a problem relating to a place of work or a member of staff, contact your consultants and we will try to resolve it.

Grace care works as an agency, which introduces your to opportunities of work as an agency member. We endeavor to provide you with suitable clients that fit your requirements. You have a right to accept or refuse any work, which is offered to you outside your pre specified areas.

Grace care operates an effective written quality assurance system based on consulting with service users and where appropriates their carers, in order to measure in meeting the aims and objectives of the agency.